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Do I require a rooted device?
No, but some functionalities will not work if your device is not rooted, like Automatic update or power management settings.
How do I obtain the app (apk)
The app is for Android, you can download it direct from the Box, here:
How much storage can I get?
10Gb which is much more than enough to get you going, you can upload up to 500 images or 10 hours of videos, those numbers are estimated, the actual figures depend on the content uploaded
Does power management works on every display?
No, currently power management work on all rooted devices and Philips Android Digital Signage, we are always working on expanding our supported displays for this feature, chat with us if you have any specific requirement.
What support do you provide?
We provide email and chat support 16 hours a day, 5 days a week. Also, inside the panel, you will have access to video tutorials that cover every single matter regarding the Info Signage solution.
Which hardware do you support?
We support all Android-based displays and players (tv box) (Android OS 4.4+), you can purchase from our site with the pre-installed app and support service included: 
info box
Purchase your player here
Is your payment platform safe?
Absolutely, we have implemented the latest security measures, we are a partner of Stripe, one of the best payment gateway providers in the world.
What is the Internet speed required?
Any speed is fine with us. The system doesn’t depend on Internet speed to work properly, as it downloads the content before playing it, which allows the player to play the content smoothly regardless of the Internet speed.
What happens if the Internet is disconnected?
Nothing. The system continues playing offline as all database and media are already there (in the box)
Any diagram?
We sure have it!
info signage diagram
Who's behind Info?

Info-Sigange is a service developed by an International Technology developer firm, based in the U.S.A and dedicated to Television, Signage, and multimedia solutions for more than 20 years. Info-Signage is a partner with Android, Stripe, Google, and other cloud-based solutions, leaders in worldwide markets.

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